oba (obaona) wrote,

iconning dilemma

So, I really want to icon the new episodes of Supernatural ... but I haven't watched the series since season seven. I still love the characters and the lore, but there's so much piled up ANGST with no resolution, and not even the tiniest bit of happy-ending. I mean it's Supernatural and expecting a total happy ending is silly, but I honestly could not stand the severity of the angst. Also, I absolutely adore Castiel - but I liked him best as somewhat-weird angel.

I still read fanfic and generally keep up with what's happening, but I feel like it'd be weird to icon episodes I haven't watched. :/

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Your icons are lovely--it'd be great to see some from you!
I dearly wish you *would* icon again. I love your icons so much.

I can't help you re: watching. I love Show, I loved season seven, i loved season eight, i'm loving season nine. I just...love my show. So many amazing moments and little bits of dialogue and discoveries and characters....

Hi! So nice to see you. I was just thinking about you the other day. : )
I absolutely and totally understand your dilemma. Personally I would love to see more Supernatural icons from you whether you have watched the episodes or not. Your graphics are lovely.