i am a solid tree

(an organism that goes from little to big)

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Hi! This is my personal journal.

I now have an icon community, obanova - you can go there for all my icons/headers/wallpapers. I have a tag list there and a tag list in my personal journal for my older stuff, which is also linked to in my icon community.

My friending policy is that you are always welcome to friend me (for whatever), but I won't friend you back until/unless I get to know you fairly well - no offense to anyone intended, I've always found lj to be a friendly, wonderful place. My journal is largely not locked, though.

I also run two lims communities, likethegun_lims (for the series Supernatural) and starwars_lims, because I just adore lims. :p If you're here because of that, you can PM me any questions or concerns.

Still reading? Well, I'm married and currently a housewife. My oldest fandom is Star Wars - I wrote nearly 500,000 words in that fandom, and most of my flist is from that time. I was a Luke/Mara girl, and you can find my epic devoted to them here or my website.

I was originally a casual watcher of Stargate SG1, but when Stargate Atlantis come on, crossed over to it with mad abandon. Sadly, it's been cancelled. :(

I started watching Supernatural around the middle of it's first season, after being rather disgusted with the pilot. After seeing how madly fandom went after it, I gave it another chance, and fell for it (and those screwed up boys). I've also fallen in love with Castiel, and have devoted several large icon/etc posts to him.

I still write occasionally (most recently in the Knights of the Old Republic subset of Star Wars), but mostly show my fannish love by iconning. :)

I think that's pretty much it as far as I go.

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